Policy for preventing the spread of COVID-19

Our systems and processes at EnviroSMART Multifamily Pest Solutions are always designed with the health and safety of our team members and customers as our foremost concern. Now more than ever we are focused on this priority.

To do our part to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus), EnviroSMART has taken the following action.

  • Masks and social distancing are MANDATORY 100% of the time when entering our customer’s offices or a resident’s unit. Technicians will note if a resident is home in Key7 software and logbook.
  • If a community has a sanitation station set up, technicians should sanitize their hands/gloves when entering our customer’s offices. No handshakes, fist bumps, hugs etc. with one another or customers.
  • EnviroSMART managers as well as visitors will have their temperatures checked when entering our offices. Administrative staff will work from home until further notice.
  • Managers will conduct virtual interviews whenever possible utilizing Teams, Skype, Zoom, etc.
  • Technicians will come to the office individually as scheduled by their supervisors. Their chemical order will be ready for them and they will put their dirty uniforms in their chemical bin after they have put their chemical in their truck.
  • Technicians are not to congregate in the office. As soon as their supplies are loaded into the truck they should leave for their route.
  • Chemical orders should be filled and distributed by one manager practicing social distancing throughout the process. Technicians will receive supplies individually following a strict schedule and process to avoid contact
    with other teammates.
  • Offices will be disinfected daily.
  • Masks and social distancing are MANDATORY 100% of the time for any person in our offices.
  • Based on availability, we will maintain a 3-month supply of gloves, masks, sanitizer, and disinfectant in every location. This is defined as 13,500 gloves, 4 gallons of DSV, 40 reusable masks & 6 cases of hand sanitizer in the North and South Texas Regions and half this amount in the Central Texas Region.
  • Gloves will be purchased as available from whatever source has them in stock and ready to ship. DSV will be bought from Target Specialty Products and mixed at a rate of 1⁄2 an ounce of DSV to 31.5 ounces of water. Hand
    sanitizer in 8-ounce containers and reusable knit masks will be purchased through Unifirst.
  • If we encounter a shortage of gloves, technicians will utilize hand sanitizer on their gloves rather than changing gloves multiple time per day.
  • Every field employee will have 3 reusable masks to allow for washing/disinfecting and drying daily.

Test sites for COVID-19

Our employees who have been exposed to someone who has Covid-19 will be tested at the following sites for rapid results. This will allow us to notify customers and team members quickly and avoid unnecessary exposure to others.

North Texas Region: https://nextcare.com/curbside/ scroll to find location with rapid results icon

South Texas Region: https://www.communityerhouston.com/ offers same day results

Central Texas Region: https://nextcare.com/curbside/ scroll to find location with rapid results icon

Below are recommendations from the CDC on how to stop the spread of respiratory viruses.